SONG OF THE DAY Karl Hector – Kingdom of D’mt

Founded in the early 2000’s by Thomas Myland, Zdenko Curlija and German Producer and guitarist JJ Whitefield (aka Mr Hector), Karl Hector & The Malcouns and are a collective of musicians inspired by the music of Eastern/Northern Africa, Western psychedelia, jazz and funk. No stranger to the LP Blog, you can find many more of their instrumental delights scattered over my pages. 

For their 2015 compilation album, Can’t Stand the Pressure, released on Now-Again Records, the group featured an array of songs showcasing their knack for experimenting exotic styles, whilst combining their trademark Ethio-funk and wandering sounds of the desert.  

As with so many of Karl Hector’s song’s, Kingdom of D’mt whisks you up in a swirl of mystery, taking you away to far away lands, maybe even other worlds! Which is literally the case as D’mt was a kingdom located in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia (Tigray Region) that existed during the 10th to 5th centuries BC!  Check it oout above. 

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