SONG OF THE DAY Things To Come – I’m Not Talkin’

Not to be confused with the Long Beach, CA 4-piece of the same name, this Things To Come hailed from Wheaton, Illinois! How they got away with having the same name at pretty much the same time as the other Things To Come, I will never know?

I’m Not Talkin‘ is a crazy fireball of heated garage rock, released by the band on Chicago’s Dunwich Records in 1966.  This was accompanied on the b-side by a track called ‘Til The End which, I do believe, was written by the jazz/blues pianist, singer-songwriter, Mose Allison (find some of him on my blog, here).  I love how things interweave and tie together!!! Unfortunately, however, this 45 looks to be the only release put out by the band…what a bugger!

If you need a wake up song, this may just do the job but contrary to it’s title, there’s a lot talkin’ going on here!! Check it out above.

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