SONG OF THE DAY Pete Brandt’s Method – What You Are

Not sounding quite like anything I’ve ever heard before, today’s song is something of an intriguing find.  This feels odd-yet-inviting, it’s otherworldly and unusual form offering a curious mix of unexpected shapes and sounds.  Vocals are dreamy and intoxicating, whilst the beat rolls out an heady carpet of percussive textures.  Though delicate in their delivery, the strings in the background offer a soulful dimension and the sax (an unexpected layer), adds a touch of funk/jazz to this very fascinating mix.

Pete Brandt’s Method hailed from Bristol, UK and consisted of Pete Brandt (vocals, guitar, organ, double bass, percussion), John Clowry (bass, percussion), Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone), Kenny Lacey (percussion), Steve Mulligan (sopranino saxophone, baritone saxophone), Steve Robshaw (guitar, organ), Roy Dodds (drums), Pete Risdale (violin) and Jo Shaw (vocals).  Their stint as a band was brief, and What You Are b/w Positive Thinking (not even half as good as the A-side) looks like the only release they had as a band; though some members (including Brandt) continued to work in music after this!

What really surprised me was the release date of today’s song! I’d anticipated it to be something a lot later than 1980, but this mysterious gem is actually forty years old! Issued on UK label, Fried Egg Records, What You Are is a one-off gem that stands out for it’s really unique sound.  Check it out above.

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