SONG OF THE DAY Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers – Sweet Path

Towards the end of last year, Russia’s finest soul, psych-funk band, The Soul Surfers teamed up with the legendary pianist, arranger and composer, Janko Nilovic for an album of instrumental delights. The marrying of these soulful minds resulted in an eight track record released on French label, Broc Recordz, aptly entitled, Maze of Sounds. 

There are many avenues to pursue in this record, many paths to follow and many ways to lose yourself as rhythm and melody weave their magic, drawing you into a web of soulful intrigue.  This is the kind of lost I don’t mind falling prey to; this is the kind of lost that gives rise to clarity as focus wanders freely down a melodic highway as warm percussion carves the wind.

Featured track, Sweet Path stands out for me with its dreamy multi-tracked vocal layering’s and flighty strings.  There is a gentle feel to this and though the beats are prominent and crisp, the contrast between the rhythmic highs and the deep bass grooves allows the textures in the middle to explode and fill its spacious structure.  Listen above and check out the rest of Maze of Sounds here.

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