SONG OF THE DAY Little Francisco Greaves – Moving​-​Grooving

Highlighting the influence that American soul had on music across the globe in the 60’s, todays song is a highly sought after 45 performed by Panamanian artist, Little Francisco Greaves.  Released in 1969 on Segraves Records, Moving​-​Grooving was originally issued on on a limited run and featured as the b-side to his Hiko-Iko (a take on the famous Iko Iko?)

This delicious Latin-Funk dream offers a fine insight into the music of Panama in the late 60’s, a time when musicians fearlessly combined and brilliantly executed styles that reflected their multicultural environment. The drums are big, bold and brash and the soul-funk groove just smothers you in lashings of rhythmic embraces!!  Moving Grooving also features on Soundway Records’s third release in the Panama series titled Panama! 3, compiled by Quantic and Roberto Gyemant AKA Beto. This is super fine and raw! Check it out above.

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