SONG OF THE DAY Los Belking’s – Sabata

Known and loved for their epic and explosive surf and garage rock sounds, Los Belkings were/are an instrumental outfit from Peru.  Founded 1963 by Raúl Herrera A. and Wilfredo Sandoval M, the band’s First3 stint in the music business lasted for ten years, in which time they released six albums on the Peruvian Virrey label! The reason I say “first stint” is because in 2003, after the Spanish label Nuevos Medios released a compilation of Los Belking’s titled Instrumental Waves, the group returned to the stage (with a different line up) and picked up where they left off! 

Today’s song is a slight curve ball, in that it boasts a much heavier funk element to that of their other more surf-psych sound. The horn section offers a new dimension of soul and the beat is more refined and groove-laden!  Sabata was released as a single in 1972, but also featured on the last of their LP’s, Ayer Y Hoy (translating as Yesterday and Today) which was released in 1973. 

Los Bikings music is rich, vibrant and lively and if you get the time, do check out their other instrumental delights, for their are lands of rolling drums and dreamy surf-lined clouds to be discovered! Listen above. 

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