SONG OF THE DAY Johnnie Morisette – (Bat Man) For Days

The first ever song I heard by Johnnie Morisette was called Death Powder, Cold Steel, and up until recently there wasn’t even a version of this on Youtube! Getting a physical copy of this is also virtually impossible, but it won’t stop me searching!…and speaking of searching, this is how I made it to today’s song…..This is another cool Johnnie Morisette track called (Bat Man) For Days.

Also known as JohnnyTwo-Voice, Johnnie Morisette was a R&B singer, born in Mount Lu, Brazil on 1st July 1935. Throughout the early 1960’s and into the early 1970’s, he issued at least twenty 45’s, including today’s groover!

Backed with an instrumental version of the same song on the b-side, (Bat Man) For Days was released on the short lived San Franciscan label, Bay-Tone Records. It’s been hard to track down an original issue date, but one of the sources I checked states this was released in 1963.  With a subtle nod to Bo Diddley, this track makes you relieved that Morisette ventured into cool these funk/soul waters because, quite frankly, it’s a bloody beauty! Listen above.

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