SONG OF THE DAY DJ Format – The Curse

Matt Ford, a.k.a DJ Format, has recently announced a new album, and with two tracks already available to preview, a ‘format’ is starting to develop!!!

Entitled the Devils Workshop, this new offering (if the name doesn’t give you a clue) is centred around dark psychedelia, constructed with hypnotic loops and sweet funk tinges! This is also a visual treat with all animation and motion graphics courtesy of Brighton/London based, Simon Hill! . Providing the perfect kaleidoscopic accompaniment, all featured art/videos were inspired by “looking at sixties psychedelic rock art and watching classic animations such as Yellow Submarine and Felix The Cat. All designs started as sketches with pen and paper”.  It works a treat and provides quite the escape outlet for the mind as well as the ears!

Featured track The Curse is a swirling treat of chunky beats and mellow tunes, adorned with an array of atmospheric sound effects to cement this deliciously haunting venture.  It’s slightly ominous, yet really rather soothing! Listen above and if you like what you hear, you can pre-order yourself a copy of the Devils Workshop from here.

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