SONG OF THE DAY Johnny Morisette – I’m Hungry

Johnnie Morisette With Jennell Hawkins Sextette – I'm Hungry (2012, Vinyl)  - DiscogsAfter the Johnnie (or Johnny) Morisette treat I featured the other day, I thought I’d unleash some more of his super-cool, earthy, soul-funk goodness on you! 

I’m Hungry was originally released  in 1973, though it also appeared on his one and only LP, Hell All The Way, which was released in 1984. I don’t know if this collection of songs were actually recorded then, or if they were just older tracks compiled then? Since Morisette vanished for many years with drink/drug issues, this could be the case? (After the death of friend and mentor, Sam Cooke, Morisette’s drinking and drugging got so out of hand and he literally spent decades in a stupor).  This song does sound a lot older than mid-80’s though??

I’m Hungry was released on Johnny Morisette’s own J&J imprint (owned by Jerry Hooks Sr, and himself), but was reissued in 2012 by the Germany’s mighty Tramp Records in 2012!!!….which is a god send if you happen to be looking to buy a copy as the original is fetching in the realms of £250!! Enjoy it above!!

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  1. Steven Gardner says:
  2. Thank you Steven! I appreciate that! I’ll include this in my post now ☺️


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