SONG OF THE DAY The Fred Martin Review – Contagious

Along with Winfield Parker and Gene & Eddie, Fred Martin was one of the mainstays of the Baltimore-based Ru-jac label. Just like those other artists on this label, Fred made several deep soul tracks, all of which came out from the early to mid-70’s.  As far as I can see, though, he released no albums, just a handful of singles!

Fred’s first 45 came out on the Philly label, Mel-Ron, but this is quite a sraight-fowrard soul tune and not quite as edgy as today’s more funk-orientated offering from 1974!  In fact, Contagious was actually the b-side to I’m The One (Who Loves You) which, again, is far too lovey and soul’y for me!! So, it looks like Contagious was just this just a fortunate funk kink in an otherwise standard soul-straight?? Either way, its a great tune! Listen above.

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