SONG OF THE DAY Los Espanoles – Macarenas

Whilst I may not be able to give you an exact release date for today’s treat, what I can tell you is that it was first issued on Polydor Records sometime in the early to mid-50’s; sources seem to vary between 1955/1958.

Essentially a clarinet-driven mambo instrumental,/ there are vocals carefully scattered about this addictive tune and their harmonies are really pleasing to the ear!  The song gets better as it goes on too and about 1:25 minute in, along comes this gorgeous piano melody, the pace picks up and everything comes alive with the sound of tenacious hand claps, robust rhythms and soaring vocals! 

Macarenas was issued on a 45 by a band called Los Españoles. Hailing from Spain, their career spanned over two decades, starting in the mid-50’s, going right through to the late 70’s.  The five members consisted of Manuel Perez (“Lito”) on saxophone/clarinet/guitar/violin, José Luis Muñoz on guitar/bass, Marcelino López (“Candelas”) on drums/trumpet/violin (all from La Coruña), Miguel Laiz on piano/accordion (from León) and Antonio Moldes, on trumpet/guitar, violin/ bass (from Pontevedra).   I hope you enjoy this as much as me! Listen above.


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