SONG OF THE DAY Eleven76 – The Hornet’s Nest

With their core rooted in heavy percussion and melodies a waft of Arabian mystery, Sci Fi and Library Funk, Eleven76 have released new offering, The Scarab’s Quest. 

If, like me, you had pre-ordered and are wondering what the b-side sounds like, anticipate no more!! Here it is, the Hornet’s Nest!! As driving and inviting as its flip-side, this cosmic offering is awash with intrigue, vintage synthesizers and hot tape-recorded drums!

This band issued their debut EP in 2019 with Space Voyage, a 4-track venture from the vaults of Warner Chappell’s production archive. Produced by the director of The Library Music Film, Paul Elliot, this was originally intended for films and contained some great analog synths, hearty drums and trippy sound effects. The EP made this music available outside the film usage realm and as a result it quickly caught on the diggers and producers for its unique sounds. Hot on its heels is today’s  instrumental delight which you can now purchase via Mocambo Records, here! ….and what a treat it is!! Check it out above.

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