SONG OF THE DAY Vernon Green and the Phantoms ‎– Sweet Breeze

The sweet, sweet sounds of Sweet Breeze has captivated me with its fiery, emotive howls and haunting backing vocals.  It’s unexpected intensity is gripping and as lyrics proclaim how “the wind has a feeling and a soul,” the piano grips with bittersweet, melodic pangs….I’d all but given up on finding that certain something that would resonate in the form of a song tonight, but then this came along!….

From the limited information I can find out there about Vernon Green and the Phantoms, it looks like the band originally come together in 1956, with Vernon Green as the singer. Regretfully, however, they only recorded one record for the Specialty label before Green left. What became of the Phantoms after they lost their vocalist we may never know, but Vernon Green went on to sing in a band called The Medallions and his stint with this group lasted a lot longer, spanning out over the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!

Sweet Breeze was released in 1956 as the (very contrasting) b-side to The Old Willow Tree!  Listen above. 

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