SONG OF THE DAY Ansel Wyatt Combo ‎– Gitana

Famed as one of Trinidad’s most pioneering, influential and most authentic guitar heroes, Ansel Wyatt is possibly a little understated when it comes to the recognition of his work!  Hailing from Vistabella,Trinidad and Tobago, Ansel was a guitar prodigy and started out as a teenager when he joined with the then popular Norman “Tex” Williams dance band.

Influenced by instrumental rock groups such as the Ventures, The Shadows and Booker T. & the M.G.’s, a new scene of combo groups was beginning to emerge in the early 60’s, exploding into what became “combo-mania”!!! Ansel Wyatt was one of the originators to this craze! His “combo” featured Ansel Wyatt on lead guitar, supported by Steve Khan on rhythm guitar. Steve was a fine guitarist whose playing style blended perfectly with Ansel’s lead. The Sammy brothers, with Morris “Boojie” Sammy on bass and George Sammy on drums, supplied the rhythm section.

Gitana was produced, arranged and released by the band in 1962 on the Trinidad & Tobago-based label, Telco. It’s a mighty fine, exotic and enticing guitar-led instrumental, heavily tinged with witchery and intrigue! The locomotive rhythm section is hypnotic, rousing and ready to whisk you away..all you have to do is press play! Listen above and if you are interested in reading a little more about the band, I’ve found an interesting article here! (thanks to this writer for supplying the information I’ve featured!)

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