SONG OF THE DAY Squid – Global Groove

“However, for all the innovative recording techniques, evolutionary leaps, lyrical themes, ideas and narratives that underpin the album, it’s also a joyous and emphatic record. One, that marries the uncertainties of the world with a curious sense of exploration, as it endlessly twists and turns down unpredictable avenues…” (Taken from press release)

Though this rousing bunch may have been together for over six years, Brighton’s five-piece, Squid, have only just released their debut album.  Now signed to Warp Records, the group released new album, Bright Green Field last week. This record follows plenty of singles and EP’s, though, I hasten to add!

Consisting Ollie Judge (Drums & Lead Vocals), Louis Borlase (Guitars & Vocals), Arthur Leadbetter (Keyboards, Strings, Percussion), Laurie Nankivell (Bass & Brass) and Anton Pearson (Guitars & Vocals), these lively post punkers are highly original!!! Vocals are brash and exceptionally distinguishable, melodies are sometimes soft, but always fearless, and lyrical content is compelling, challenging and insightful!

Speaking of their new offering in a press release, frontman Ollie Judge has explained how, “the tracks illustrate the places, events, and architecture that exist within it. Previous releases were playful and concerned with characters, whereas this album is darker and more concerned with the place — the emotional depth of the music has deepened.”

One of my favourite tracks from this album is Global Groove, a tense, dark and ominous serenade that delves into our often warped realism, measurable largely from what is fed to us in the news and media. Our grip on reality is such that we grow numb to the terrors of war, but are moved by fiction, as lyrics proclaim: “Watch your favourite war on TV/Just before you go to sleep/And then your favourite sitcom/Watch the tears roll down your cheek….”

Squid switches you on and gets the brain pumping!

Listen above, check out the lyrics below and grab yourself a copy of the album from here. 

Global Groove

There’s tight lycra round my hips and a sweat band that fits round my head

We’re still dance, dance, dancing today
To the global groove

Well the TV guide gets fatter as the days pass by
And those taxis do a dance as I watch from the sky
Global Groove
Global Groove
Global Groove
Global Groove

We’re still tap, tap, tapping away, to the global groove

Watch your favourite war on TV
Just before you go to sleep
And then your favourite sitcom
Watch the tears roll down your cheek
Global Groove
Global Groove
I’m so sick and tired of dancing
I’m so sick and tired of dancing
I’m so sick and tired of dancing
Are you sick and tired of dancing?

Still tap, tap, tapping
Dance, dance, dancing

I remember when I was really small
The news said that
When planes went overhead
And how many passengers you could fit on a plane
Imagine each person, and where they’re going, that would make me feel better
That these people were just going on holiday
Seeing people
And its…
Being exposed to that much

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