SONG OF THE DAY King Khan – Mother Nature’s Plan

“Music is my religion and can heal all wounds…. Enjoy these sounds and share them with the ones you love….” (King Khan)

King Khan is one of those artists that keeps you guessing; you never quite know what’s coming next! One day I’ll catch him live with any luck; I can imagine he would be rather memorable!

For his latest release (which came out three days ago) he has issued a brand new three-track single via his very own Khannibalism label, which was produced by King Khan himself at the Moon Studios in Germany.  Accompanied by The Simple Truths and First Contact, title track Mother Natures Plan is truly touching. Its deeply reflective lyrics and Bolan-esque vocals offers up a heartfelt, intimate and cutting offering, which you can’t help but suffer an instant soft spot for!  Check it out above and grab yourself a copy of the single from here.

On his Facebook page, this is what he has said about this new single and, indeed, the curious cover photo!!:

“Hey World… here is a brand new three song single on Khannibalism!!!
The cover photo was my mugshot from being arrested in Christian County Jail in Kentucky 2009. When I asked the cop what the “O” stood for as my race he responded, “Other”.
Mother Nature’s Plan

Lyrics to Mother Nature’s Plan:

Can you whisper softly
into my ear again
run your fingers
through my hair
Tell me I am the one
who you’re proudest of
exceeding all expectation
Oh father where did
they take you to?
when they stole you
from my life
Unanswered questions
wrapped up in my DNA
haunt me as i pray
for absolution
Can you hold my hand
guide me to the promiseland
teach me to serve
mother nature’s plan
Are my faint memories of you
enough to make me well
or will they harden with time?
Traumatized by you
the same way they hurt you too
as a child of segregation
Welcome to my emancipation
I promise to never repeat
the hurt you fed to me
it still haunts me like a ghost
Repeat offender were you
taught by example
lead by your own degredation
Can you hold my hand
guide me to the promiseland
teach me to serve
mother nature’s plan

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