SONG OF THE DAY Ben von Wildenhaus II – The Knife Thrower I

Hailing from Seattle, WA, guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ben Von Wildenhaus has been labelled as “one of the best loopmusic performers around”, and if you haven’t heard him yet, prepare for just about anything really! His sound wanders the realms of psych’y surf rock, dusty western-tinged soundscapes and dreamy experimental electronic passages.  His minimalist sound transposes into enticing instrumentals which, according to his Bandcamp tags, provides “easy listening for demons“….hmmm…This music pulls off an authentic vintage sound and is most intriguing!..

Accompanying Wildenhaus on his sonic jaunts with band Von Wildenhaus are Billy Bloom (vocals), Andru Creature (rhythm, contraption), Aaron Harmonson (bass, synth, recordings) and Jon Sampson (saxophones, pianos). With this outfit there have been a couple of albums from the early 2000’s, with a new EP released last year, but Wildenhaus has been creating music from the late 90’s with band, Federation X.

Taken from his 2015 album “II”, The Knife Thrower I dances around eastern guitar patterns, whilst generating this mysterious soundtrack to a film that would probably take you to the wilds of some desolate and long-forgotten world. It’s gentle, yet pulls at you with an enticing grip and who knows what era you could pin this too…such is the charm of Von Wildenhaus’ ingenuity. Listen above.

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