SONG OF THE DAY Moğollar – Çığrık

Described as being the original Anadolu psych pioneers, Moğollar are a Turkish outfit that formed in the late 60’s. Brought together by their shared love of both the traditional music of their land and the new kind of music that Europe called “pop”, they were the first Turkish psychedelic band to achieve overseas recognition! They were also the first Turkish band who successfully fused the microtonal folklore and traditional instruments of rural Anatolia with Western pop and rock.

They were radical, innovative, and hugely popular, and when the great artists of the Turkish rock revolution appeared on the scene, Moğollar were already there.  They paved the way for stars such as Barış Manço, Selda, Cem Karaca and Ersen, all of whom recorded with them or briefly joined the line-up. Moğollar were and are the undisputed pioneers of the style.

Çığrık b/w Sıla was a single Moğollar released in 1972 on Turkish label, Yavuz Plak. Aside from its obvious highly catchy melody and hugely satisfying call and response vocal line, I’m tickled by the slightly offset boom of a drum that hides away in the shadows, almost out of time, but just there to embellish the otherwise tight rhythm section. It’s a cracker for sure! Check it out above.

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