SONG OF THE DAY La Redada – Calaboca

La Redada are a collective from all over the world. Made up of six musicians, this global fusion are made up of three Mexicans, Two Chileans and one European! Their sound reflects their geographical diversity, presenting itself in a heady psychedelic tropical sound that draws influence from old Latin American music, funk soul and Cuban cha-cha!

From what I can gather, this band have only put out a few 45’s a couple of years ago – though their sound does have an authentic way about it that would suggest otherwise! Take Calaboca for example! With its heavy swirling psych keys and breezy flute melody, I love how its enthusiastic rhythm gathers momentum, breaking into a lush frenzy of sound towards the end!  This could easily have dropped in the late 60’s, but no, this was released in 2018 on a small Texan label called Monofonus Press!..and speaking of frenzies, check out the cool debauched cover! Beware the effects of this music!

Listen above and check out the flip-side to this offering here. 

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