SONG OF THE DAY Eye Q – Please The Nation

It was the mid-1970’s when a short lived, but very cool band called Eye Q came together in Zimbabwe. Formed by Cuthbert Maziwa, the line up included members such as Herrington Nyamariva (a school mate) on bass, Phinias Marumahoko (Four Aces David Marumahoko’s brother) on drums and vocals, Solomon Chiweshe on keyboard and vocals (who was also Phinias’s nephew) and Cuthbert on lead guitar.

Though primarily driven by live shows, Eye Q were one of the scene’s bands to make it onto vinyl after grabbing the attention of local labels with today’s organic wonder super hit, Please the Nation (a political song that snuck by the censors and became a hot-selling single!!).

Unfortunately their union was only brief and shortly after getting together the band quickly broke up as Solomon Chiweshe was taken by his uncle to form the Aces Wild Flower.

Eye Q would possibly have disappeared into obscurity had it not been for Now-Again Records, who reissued Power To The People in 2014. The label has recently put out their breakthrough hit, Please the Nation and it was thanks to this song that I stumbled upon this almost forgotten group. Eye Q’s singles are logged online, but I’ve never seen any for sale, so if you were ever ultra lucky enough to find one of these rare gems, keep a hold of it! Listen above and if you fancy reading more about Cuthbert Maziwa,, check out this interesting article here. 

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