SONG OF THE DAY Eddie Beram – Riot In Thunder Alley

With it’s racy melody and rolling Wipe Out-esque thunderous rhythm, its no wonder this song has featured in not one, but two high-speed car movies!

Riot In Thunder Alley is a fast paced romp performed by US singer Eddie Beram and was originally released as part of the film score for Richard Rush’s 1967 film, Thunder Alley. Aside from this I don’t think Eddie Beram recorded much else on his own, but he did release a handful of 45’s in the late 60’s with psych-rock band October County and had a few hits with songs such as My Girlfriend Is A Witch, and October County

None of these songs quite live up to the killer surf-rock status of Riot In Thunder Alley though, and this track remains to be a stand-out track for Beram. So apt is its driving sound that Tarantino also used it in his epic 2007 Death Proof! Check it out above.

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