SONG OF THE DAY Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos – Pygmy

Akira Ishikawa was a Japanese jazz drummer and bandleader known for integrating African rhythms into his music.  His recording career started in the early 60’s with Shin Matsumoto and New Pacific, and in the years that followed he toured with various other groups. With his band, Count Buffalos, he released a number of seminal world-psych-jazz albums in the 70’s! This started with the jazz-rock orientated album, Electrum, in 1970, followed by Drums Concerto in 1971, Uganda in 1972 and Get up! in 1975!

Inspired by the rhythms of Africa, Ishikawa went to Uganda and absorbed the native music, bringing home new experience and numerous African percussion instruments to add to his sonic palette. The result, co-composed with Takeru Muraoka (who had played with Terumasa Hino), was his 1972 record, Uganda. This record offers an exotic fusion of deep tribal drumming and sizzling psychedelic guitars, all of which opens up over just four lengthy compositions and if you are ever lucky enough to stumble upon an original copy, take it and run!! From what I can see, these are selling for crazy prices!

At just under seven and a half minutes long, the hazy, psych-drenched melody of Pygmy takes its time to gradually unfurl, and as it hurls out these bendy, groove-laden runs, the rhythm remains cool, steady and constant. Cool and hypnotic! Check it out above.

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