SONG OF THE DAY Oscar and his Orchestra – Fishing Song

sddefaultI never know where my daily music searches will take me, but delving further around the globe has certainly landed me some unexpected gems! Today’s offering comes from Taiwan, though it sounds more like its been lifted straight from a long lost Ennio Morricone vault!

Oscar Young was something of a legend in Taiwan and, together with his Orchestra, worked prolifically in the East Asian rock and pop music scene between the 1960s and 1980s. . He first gained acclaim as an arranger, working with singers such as Teresa Teng, Xiao-Jun Huang and go-go bands like the Apollo, as well as creating scores for movies. His classical background allowed him to create a perfect hybrid of traditional Chinese music and new electronic sounds, utilising many instruments of the time. Young released multiple volumes of albums: his own series spans over 30 volumes, while his collaborations with the Apollo Band yielded an equal amount.

Taken from his 1976 album, The Sound Of Taiwan’s Tribesmen, Fishing song entwines traditional instrumentation and Taiwanese themes, together with exotic electronic melodies. Punchy vocals sound like extracts from Spaghetti Westerns, brining together a curious fusion of sounds, which makes this catchy electronic wandering a right little dusty desert ear worm!

Listen above and if you are curious to hear more from Oscar and His Orchestra, I’ve just found a very groovy cover of Patti Jo’s Make Me Believe In You, which I think he also covered in 1976! Find that here!! 

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