SONG OF THE DAY Zotobre – Lagen

I relish today’s song for many reasons!  When you first hear it and those crisp patters of tingling rhythms dance towards you, its hard to place the song…is it new or old? The intro keeps up the suspense and its all about the beats, which is VERY fine for me…I LOVE a good beat! The drums get funky and keep you guessing, so when the vocals and embracingly sunny melody kicks in, the song takes a turn and out comes a very refreshing surprise! Well, it was for me anyway!!

This gorgeous slice of glistening sunbeams on ice was originally recorded in 1975 by a band called Zotobre. I can’t tell you much more about them, other than they were a Haitian band led by guitarist, arranger, composer, and bandleader, Serge Rosenthal (who also led other band, Les Shleu-Shleu). They recorded two albums in 1975/76 on a Haitian label called Editions “R”, which was also ran by Serge Rosenthal. Their debut LP, entitled Ochan, was released in 1975 and is quite a collectable record it would seem, fetching over £100 on the marketplace last time I checked!!

Lagen features on this debut album but, you may be happy to discover, it also features on a lovely compilation called, Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Vodou Jazz, & Electric Folklore from Haiti.  Released on New York’s Ostinato Records in 2016, the album boasts 20 delicious cuts of afro-Caribbean funk, jazz and psych! I’m working my way through it as I write!!..  It’s an album definitely worth checking out, so if you fancy it, you can find it here! Listen and enjoy above!

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