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SONG OF THE DAY The Werps – Voodoo Doll

When I first heard Voodoo Doll, I didn’t immediately think it was that ‘old’, let alone that it flipside to the 1967 fiery garage-rock corker that is Love’s a Fire! ….but it is! Voodoo Doll is a real contrast to the the … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Manny Corchado & His Orchestra – Pow Wow

Active in the early 1960’s, New York native Manny Corchado was a Salsa percussionist and orchestra leader possibly best-known for his debut 45, Pow Wow. Released in 1966, this crazy splash of vibrant sound became very popular in the Northern … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Rex Holman – Come On Down

Roy Eugene Baker, better-known as actor Rex Holman, is perhaps more widely recognised to many an an actor. He appeared in many TV and film roles, including one episode of the original Star Trek, as well as one of the … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY The Lulus Band – Nana

Taken from their extensive back-catalogue, Nana is an Afrofunk delight originally released in 1977 by Kenyan outfit, The Lulus Band. Led by Daniel Kamau Mwai, a.k.a DK, the group celebrated an extensive musical career that spanned over the mid-to-late-70’s. Most … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Omar Khorshid – Rakset El Fadaa

The vastly hypnotic and rather intoxicating sounds you are hearing today comes courtesy of Egyptian guitarist and composer, Omar Khorshid.  Born in 1945 and known as of the most legendary figures in Arabic music, he was a self-taught musician who … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Jake Hottell – Horizon

Ever since I heard this song earlier today, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. There’s a lot going on here and prominently, for me, I like the style of delivery. It has the gentle and … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Susan King – Morning

Today’s rather haunting, haunted offering wouldn’t be at all out of place in Tarantino movie and stands out for many striking reasons.  Performed by the blues-tinged soul/jazz voice of New York artist, Susan King (real name Elenore Kingston), Morning was … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Dope Lemon – Hey You

Angus Stone is an Australian folk singer-songwriter, record producer and audio-engineer known for being one half of Angus & Julia Stone (Julia Stone being his sister). He released his debut solo album in 2009 under the pseudonym, Lady of the … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY 75 Dollar Bill – Beni Said

75 Dollar Bill are one of those band’s I’m amazed I’ve never stumbled upon until now!! How have I missed this band, these creators of mesmerising and enchanting dust-driven dreamy sound for what has nearly been a decade since their … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY The Titans with Roy and Sonny – Lonesome Mood

Today’s divine smoky little r&b, popcorn jazz number was originally released in 1960 (I believe) issued on US label, World Pacific Records. The song was recorded by a band called the Titans, who were accompanied by “Roy and Sonny” (these … Continue reading

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