SONG OF THE DAY Africa Show – Massanga Mama

If you are anything like me and find slowing down and stopping a rather alien prospect, then today’s serenade may just aid your plight… Slow your mind and the rest will follow!

Originally released on an Angolan label called N’Gola in 1972, Massanga Mamma was the b-side to a song called Ai Ai Muxima Uami. Such is the rarity of this 45, I can’t even send you a link to the the flip-side, but if you ever fancy a copy, you can expect to pay over £50 for one!

This track was also featured on a 2010 Analog Africa compilation entitled, “Angola Soundtrack – The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968​-​1976” – which you can find here.

The band behind this rather divine song are called Africa Show and were founded in in 1968 by percussionist and dancer José Massano Júnior who was joined by Zéca Trilene on Rhythm Guitar, Tony Galvão on organ and Quim Amaral playing reco-reco (a scraper of African origin used as a percussion instrument in Brazilian music and in many Latin American countries).  At that time they were one of the most modern sounding groups in Angola and through the early part of the 1970’s they went on to release numerous 45’s.

Ai Ai Muxima Uami/Massanga Mama was their debut single. Check it out above.

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