SONG OF THE DAY Minyo Crusaders – Yasugi Bushi (Bolero)

….With songs encouraging dancing and drinking, the Crusaders are on a mission to bring “highbrow” min’yō back to it’s “lowlife” roots -whilst also bringing traditional Japanese music onto the global music stage…

Adorn your Saturday with this indulgently soothing sonic dream! Entitled Yasugi Bushi (Bolero), this delicate form is taken from the Minyo Crusaders debut album, Echos of Japan, which was released on Mais Um Discosin in 2019. The record is a wonderfully eclectic dream, fusing an array of colourful rhythms and sounds including Cumbia, Afro-funk, Bolero, Boogaloo and much more…..which you can read more about on blog pages here. 

Comprising of ten multi-instrumentalists (of which three are percussionists!) Tokyo-based Minyo Crusaders have been mixing up something of a musical storm since their recent debut album, with some interesting collaborations to boot!

Reworking historic Japanese folk songs (min’yō) and fusing them together with Latin, African, Caribbean and Asian rhythms, this enchanting collective are a big band like no other!!  With such a completely absorbing sound its hard not to enticed into its magic as distinctive min’yō vocals glide over striking grooves, joining the dots between Cumbia, Ethiopian jazz, Thai pop, Afro funk and reggae……Check them out above and listen/purchase more from here. 

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