SONG OF THE DAY Trio Mossoró – Orós

Founded in the early ’50s by Carlos André Batista, a singer-songwriter and accordionist who was already working at Rádio Tapuyo (based in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte), the Trio Mossoró formed in Rio de Janeiro.  Adding his siblings João Batista (João Mossoró) and Hermelinda Batista (Ana Paula), the group were named after their home town, Mossoró.

Carlos Andre had already been performing at radio stations such as Mayrink Veiga and Nacional, so when the trio joined him in Rio De Janeiro they had plenty of circuits to perform at. They released their debut LP, Rua do Namoroin, in 1962, and this is where today’s song can be found. Orós is delicate and dreamy, tinged with a slight wistful feel as dancing accordion mingles with soaring, layered vocals. It also appeared as the b-side to Carcará which (I believe) was released in 1965. 

Having success with the Northeastern genres joined under the umbrella of forró, the group recorded a number of widely popular LPs like Trinta Dias de Forró and Forró do Mexe-Mexe. The band continued to record and release right up until the late 1970’s, after which they parted ways and continued to record on their own. Check out the delights of Orós above. 

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