SONG OF THE DAY Susan King – Morning

Today’s rather haunting, haunted offering wouldn’t be at all out of place in Tarantino movie and stands out for many striking reasons.  Performed by the blues-tinged soul/jazz voice of New York artist, Susan King (real name Elenore Kingston), Morning was way ahead of its time for its 1963 issue.

It’s deep, dark feel is quite unique compared to anything else that King released – and she was releasing (as Nora Lee King) as early as 1941 – but this song is her curveball!

Born in 1909, Susan King was a prolific singer-songwriter and bass guitarist who was quite a well known blues artist in the 30s and early 40s. Throughout her career King also had her own music publishing company (Kinlu Music) and in the early 1960’s, she and her husband, Lawrence Lucie (a.k.a Larry Lucie), started their own record label, Toy Records.

Together King and her musician/producer/arranger husband cut a few singles, releasing them on their own label. Morning was her first single released on Toy Records and was backed with the very contrasting b-side, Move On Down The Line …….Check it out above.

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