SONG OF THE DAY The Lulus Band – Nana

Taken from their extensive back-catalogue, Nana is an Afrofunk delight originally released in 1977 by Kenyan outfit, The Lulus Band. Led by Daniel Kamau Mwai, a.k.a DK, the group celebrated an extensive musical career that spanned over the mid-to-late-70’s. Most of their releases were EP’s or singles and it looks like they only issued one album?

Daniel Kamau Mwai originated from a small village in Kenya and got involved in music in his early 20’s after he dropped out of high school and decided to pursue a career in music – a year later in 1968 he released his first record!

He made a breakthrough in 1970 when he released the Murata/I Love You, which became a national hit. Around the same time he established a music studio of his own, the DK Nguvu Sounds. It would later attract musicians like Kakai Kilonzo.

In 1977 Daniel Kamau Mwai’s songs Nana and Mwithua were banned by the then state radio monopoly Kenya Broadcasting Corporation due to alleged obscenity….though I’m not quite sure how these are deemed obscene?? As of 2009, he was still performing, with over 1000 songs he’d penned under his belt and numerous popular 45’s to celebrate!! Check out the richly percussive and vocally pleasing Nana above. 

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