SONG OF THE DAY Nilla Pizzi – Eternamente

Nilla Pizzi – Eternamente / Se Nel Mio Cuore Leggerai (1953, Shellac) -  DiscogsSometimes life just makes you feel like an odd sock on a hot spin in the washing machine and its good to be able to step back and taste the still. Music always provides a portal of escape for me and just like in Mr Benns adventures where he disappears through a magic door at the back of the changing room and comes out in another world, music always whisks me away into other realms…..

Translating as Eternally, today’s song was written by Charlie Chaplin and Decio Ardo (real name Matteo Treppiedi) and featured in his 1952 film, Luci della ribalta (Lights of Scene)…which was written, directed and also starred Chaplin too! 

A year later the song was released as a 78 on Italian label, Cetra, and was performed by an Italian actress and singer called Nilla Pizzi, a.k.a Adionilla Pizzi. Born in Sant’Agata Bolognese, her early recordings during the fascist rule in the years before World War II were deemed too “modern, exotic and sensual,” (according to Italian news agency ANSA), which hindered any radio play at the time. By the 1950’s and 1960’s, she rose to fame in Italy and enjoyed a music/acting career that spanned over 70 years! 

Nilla Pizzi once described the secret of her success as singing those songs which “bring on a good mood, happiness, and maybe even some beautiful memories….” Eternamente captures this sentiment perfectly and offers lashing of nostalgic, dreamy escape…Just what I needed today! 

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