SONG OF THE DAY The Soul Survivors – Mama Soul

The Soul Survivors were a Philadelphia R&B group who got together in the early-1960’s. Consisting of brothers Richie and Charlie Ingui, and Kenny Jeremiah, the band had some line-up changes throughout their time, but these three members were the original founding members.

The band first played together in New York under the name The Dedications, but they changed their title to the Soul Survivors in 1965.  They were signed to Philadelphia’s Crimson Records who immediately put them in touch with US song writing and production team, Gamble & Huff.  Their first 45, Expressway to your Heart, became an instant hit and struck number one in Philadelphia and New York in the fall of 1967 – also reaching #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 nationally.

They released their debut album in 1967, which was followed up by four more LP’s, but these were spaced out over nearly four decades as they were still releasing in the 2000’s!!!

Mama Soul was their fifth single, released in 1969 on Atlantic’s subsidiary label, ATCO Records. I’ve got to admit that when I first heard this I nearly skipped it straight away as its quite a full-on happy soul number (something I don’t usually take to), but there was something about it that made me stick around…and I’m glad I did!! It’s infectious radiance really gets under my skin and listening to it now, I can help but feel proper lifted and elated by it.  This little bundle of joy brings me sunshine and for that I am truly happy!! Check it out above.

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