SONG OF THE DAY Steve King – Long Lonely Road

steve-king-and-the-echelons-long-lonely-road-mercury-sAfter ten years spent on the road and in recording studios, singer-guitarist Steve King eventually turned his art to the radio! His broadcasting career started in 1966 when he began working at WJOB radio in Hammond, Indiana and he has been working on air ever since!

It’s a shame he didn’t continue recording music though, especially when you hear the likes of today’s song and. one of my favourite discoveries, Satan Is Her Name – which I covered back in 2014! Alas, however, it would appear that the Chicago-based rock’n’roller only ever recorded three singles in the early 1960’s.

Satan Is Her Name was released as a single on October 29th 1962 on Chicago’s Mercury Records label, but what surprised me is that this was the b-side to Long Lonely Road – and yet it’s flipside seems so much better-known!? Long Lonely Road stands out for its trudging rhythm which works perfectly with the sentiment of the song and, contrary to it being a slog as my description may suggest, this pace just sets off the lyrics a treat! King’s vocals are nicely strung-out as his pained howls repeatedly exclaim “It’s a long lonely road”  ….and this line feels about as lonely and anguished as you can get! Check it out above!

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