SONG OF THE DAY Primitive Community – Black Narcissus

Toshiaki Yokota was born Tokyo in 1944. Since childhood he had played the flute and by the time he was 17 he was performing on stage as a professional jazz musician. Sometime in the early 1970’s he founded a 12-piece band named Yuánshǐ gòngtóngtǐ ‎(Primitive Community) and went on to release just one self-titled album in 1971 on Japanese label, Toshiba Records.

In a similar vein to his previous project, The Beat Generation (who released the album Flute Adventure a year before), the sound that Primitive Community were creating ranged from Free Jazz to Psych Rock..with some Folk thrown in for good measure. There are hints of African inspirations bubbling up through hypnotic tribal percussion, alongside psychedelic rock influences and some songs stretch out over 10 minutes of experimental and instrumental abandon….

So far I’ve not heard enough to comment on many of the other tracks on this record, apart from Black Narcissus – this was what brought me here! This song is so gentle on the ears with its flowing rhythms and soft percussion cascading over the inquisitive swirling flute melody; a melody that wanders into flighty jazz realms, soaring high as it disappears into the clouds.. It’s a dreamy meditation for the ears! Check it out above and if you are curious to hear more, I’ve found a link to the whole album which I’ve pasted below.

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