SONG OF THE DAY The Shandells – Gorilla

Today’s song was originally released in 1962 as a doo-wop classic on Chicago label, Cortland Records. The band behind this joyful gem was a r’n’b band from Chicago, Illinois called The Ideals. Originally titled Gorilla, this version is worth checking out just to see how it sounded the first time round as this song inspired many covers (of which some were later titled Go Go Gorilla). Which brings me to The Shandells……

Two years after The Ideals were rocking their slower-paced original of this doo-wop number, The Shandells released their own rougher garage rock version on US label, Banger Records. Hailing from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, The Shandells issued The Gorilla as their first 45 in 1964, followed a year later by Here Comes the Pain.  These two singles were all they put out and like many other garage bands of the time, they disappeared after only a couple of releases. The Shandells more upbeat rendition of Gorilla is full of howls and gruff vocal niceties (listen about 1:42 mins in and you will hear what I mean). It’s pace is faster and the gnarly garage-soul guitar gives it an edgier feel which, for me, this makes this version stand out from all the rest. Check it out above. 

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