SONG OF THE DAY Julie Durocher – Bad News

45cat - Julie Durocher - Please Mr. D. J. / Bad News - Cuca - USA - J-6647Julie Durocher was just 14 when she started recording in the mid-1960’s at Jim Kirchstein’s Sauk City recording emporium. The result of these sessions were two 45s on the Cuca label, but why there was nothing recorded after this, I cannot tell you?  It’s a crying shame though, this girl had the voice of a weathered soul far beyond her years!

Bad News feels like it was written for, or better still, by Durocher herself, but it’s actually a John D. Loudermilk cover that he released in 1963. Three years later out came Durocher’s brazen rendition which I think suits her far more than the original! Hark at those warbling vocals!!  Check it out above.

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3 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Julie Durocher – Bad News

  1. GuessIm Dumb says:

    Yow! That’s good

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  2. Darko Vlahovic says:

    She became Julie Rashell Richmond

    Great! Thanks for the info, I’ll check this out! 🙂

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  3. Soooo good! So much better than the original! 🙂

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