SONG OF THE DAY The Starks – Shelly Belly

If there’s one thing I love about hearing a song for the first time, it’s the element of surprise, and if this surprise just happens to have a little (explosive) twist tucked up its sleeve, all the better! Maybe I shouldn’t give too much away with today’s song? Maybe I should just let you listen?….maybe it won’t excite you like it did me, maybe it will? I hope this does!

Served up as the b-side to Hop Skippin’ Lulu, Shelly Belly has the cutest and most friendliest of titles, with a playful melody and jolly old lyrics to match.. It’s one of those songs that may remind you of other tracks in places, but one that holds more than enough of its own originality, appeal and charm. I love this!!!!!

Sadly, it’s also the only 45 that The Starks released, with the original issued in1966 on Salt Lake City’s Iris label. This was later reissued on Greasy Records (not exactly sure of that date), and this reissue is currently selling for a decent price online (in the region of a tenner!).

As for who the band were, I think the they have remained something of a mystery for quite sometime, but I’ve just found this comment on a Youtube page from someone who claims to have been The Starks drummer (scroll down a bit in the comment section on this Youtube page and you will see what I mean). This is what they had to say!

Read below and listen above……..

“I can help solve the mystery of the band The Starks.
I am the drummer from the band.  I found this thread and was happy to see that someone had taken an interest and time to upload our songs. Here are the Starks Band Members (three are living as of 2021):
Tom Sandquist – 80 – Lead Singer
LaMar Kemp – 75 – Lead Guitar
Wil Druk – 75 – Drums
Phil Hickman – Bass Guitar – Deceased – 1940-2001
Max Robinson – Rhythm Guitar – Deceased – 1947- 2009

We were all from the Salt Lake City area when the group was active in 1965 and 1966.
This was the only record we made since we didn’t have a lot of money at the time.
But Tom Sandquist did come up with a little money to produce about 500 records.
Once the record came out the radio stations KNAK and KCPX (especially Jim Dakan at KCPX) took an interest in the band and helped promote our music.

After 55+ years I am surprised that many people remember the places we played. We did play at the Terrace (Battle of the Bands), Seven-Eleven on 45th South, Horace Mann Jr High, as well as Lagoon (3 times), Liberty Park, Vernal Utah, and a whole lot of other venues (more Battle of the Bands, birthday parties, New Year’s eve, etc.)

Thanks for loading our songs on YouTube!
Wil Druk”

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