SONG OF THE DAY Nakasone Miki – Yukiguni No Ko

IMG_9658After having a conversation today about how a voice can transcend any language when it comes to expression and feeling, I stumbled upon today’s song…what a perfect way to demonstrate this point!

I’ve not been able to find too much information on the song itself, but the person who uploaded it onto Youtube (thank you Adventures In Sound) seems to think it was originally released in 1961? The enchanting voice behind this truly captivating song comes from Katsuko Kuniba, better known as Nakasone Miki, a Japanese singer who was born in Tokyo in the mid 1940’s.

Yukiguni No Ko was possibly one of her early singles if it released in 1961, as Nakasone Miki’s musical career commenced in the early 1960’s when she appeared on TV Tokyo “Tokyo Monogatari”. A year later she made her debut as a singer with the theme song Living in Love, and in her decade-long career she released about eight albums and over twenty singles and EP’s! Yukiguni No Ko is a wonderfully mysterious serenade, fronted by hauntingly stunning vocals…Listen above.

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