SONG OF THE DAY Los Destellos – Elsa

R-4621135-1424025979-8566.jpegCelebrating a career that spanned over thirty years, Los Destellos were a Peruvian band that got together in 1968.

Their sound, nestled in the dreamy peaks of psychedelic cumbia and calypso, fed a wealth of albums over the years, filling these records with vibrant ear nourishment! They formed in the Lima district of Rímac, Peru in 1966 and over the years saw more than 90 musician pass through.  Led by Enrique Delgado, Los Destellos truly defined the sound of Peruvian cumbia with the incorporation of diverse influences and the use of electric guitars.

Like many bands that have drawn inspiration from other world influences, Los Destellos decorated their creations with the many kaleidoscopic sonic sounds. Surf, rock’n’roll and psychedelia were all blended into this Latin melting pot! This added new layers and took their explorations through both old and new dimensions. Under the direction of lead guitarist Enrique Delgado, Los Destellos (the sparkles, like a star) are pretty much known as the founders of Cumbia Peruana circa 1966!

Released in 1970. Elsa was written by Thomas Rebata and quickly became a massive hit, selling a million copies on 45!! Backed with Luchita, this song deliciously dances between the deep tones of the bass and the spirited contrasting bright melody of the electric guitar. The rhythms are prominent, lively and intricate and the whole song is like a burst of warmth! Check it out above.

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