SONG OF THE DAY Morton & The Uptights – Taurus

Amidst an ocean of choice with no firm direction, my musical explorations can literally take me anywhere and in direction. Whilst bobbing along on this sea of sounds today, this beacon of jazz/funk joy happened to float my way and I was more than happy to see where it took me…

Accompanying Montego on its A-side, Taurus is a rhythmic voyage into fusions of jazz, ska, funk, rock and soul.  Unfortunately the one and only release from Morton & The Uptights, this 45 was issued in 1970 on New York label, Palette Records.  The band was lead by an American organist and pianist Scott Bradford, alongside musicians from the Jess and James band, with the extra addition of Belgian jazz legend Philippe Catherine playing the guitar.

Taurus is alive with punchy rhythms, mysterious horn textures, striking piano meanderings and colourful samba tinges. It’s warm, vibrant and also now available as a reissue on Belgium’s groovy Martiko Records – which is very fortunate as an original copy seems pretty impossible to come by? Listen above.

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