SONG OF THE DAY John Paul Jones – Kalani Honey 

R-7013546-1466301750-8793.pngThere has been some speculation as to whether the John Paul Jones behind this record was, indeed, the future bass guitarist for Led Zeppelin, but I don’t think that this is the case?..

Kalani Honey was a rather refined surf instrumental released in 1963 on a small indie label called Vitality Records. Produced by the US singer, musician and producer, Kim Fowley, this track is actually a cover of Red Prysock’s Harem Girl and also featured on the Fowley compilation album, King of the Creeps: Lost Treasures from the Vaults 1959-1969, Vol. 3. 

Backed with The Wahoo on the a-side, this track blends together some superfine surf-guitar licks; is gently sweetened by some deliciously haunting vocal “aaaahhh’ss,” and spiced up with an array of flickering piano and percussion embellishments….all of which subtly fuse together, leaving a taste of the exotic in the old ear receptors!

It was the only 45 this John Paul Jones released and I can’t seem to find out anymore about this relatively mysterious artist, but I really do prefer his version of the song! Jones’ 45 is also quite collectible, it would seem, and currently fetches within the realms of a good £400-500 pounds! Check it out above.

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