SONG OF THE DAY Daniel Forestal Et Freddy Doressamy – Acé Mal Palé Moin

Doressamy_AceMalPaleMoinJust as I was so very excited be sharing yesterday’s song, so too am I rather thrilled to be sharing today’s rhythmic delight too!

Acé Mal Palé Moin was released as a 45 on a label called Ssamy. FT. I can’t seem to find an exact issue date, but believe it was put out sometime in the early 1970’s. This gorgeous track was the result of a collaboration between French musician, singer and composer, Daniel Forestal and fellow singer-songwriter, Freddy Doressamy.  Both artists (I believe) were from Guadeloupe Island (French West Indies) and both released on their own too – from the early 1970’s.

This rather obscure Biguine track (Biguine being a rhythm-centric style of music that originated Saint Pierre – a town and commune of France’s Caribbean overseas department of Martinique) thills my ears with joy and, true to the Biguine style, fuses Bèlè and 19th-century French ballroom dance steps with glorious African rhythms… Such is its rarity, a copy of this is currently fetching within the realms of £125! I love this!

Check it out above.

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