SONG OF THE DAY Claudio Et Son Ensemble – Belle Rive ( L’original )

R-4261792-1360042000-4963.jpegWhen it comes to sharing obscure stuff, I love nothing more, but it isn’t always easy to locate release dates on these songs! Such is the case with today’s offering!  Packiry Veeragoo, a.k.a Claudio Veeragoo, was (I believe) a Mauritian singer-songwriter who embarked on his musical career sometime in the early 1960’s.

He wrote, sang and arranged songs with various groups that he led, and these included bands such as, Claudio & Les Copains, Claudio & Ses Dodo, Les Satanik and Claudio et Son Ensemble – with whom he released today’s song.

In the early 1970’s he also became the owner of a recording studio, Lyndon Recording.  His discography extends over a large number of album and 45 releases and by 2015, it is said that he was credited to over 350 compositions, dozens of albums and an array of 45’s…such was his success that he also travelled the world with the many musicians and dancers that he worked with!

I have no idea when Belle Rive was released, only that it appeared as the b-side to his track, Pipangaille.  Judging by the sleeve and where it appears on his release history, I would speculate that this came out late 1960’s, early 1970’s, but I can’t be sure of this? Either way, this is a little gem that I’ve been enjoying lots today! Hope you do too?

Listen above.

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