SONG OF THE DAY Snapped Ankles – True Ecology

When I think about memorable gigs, the time I saw Snapped Ankles in a nicely snug venue is one that always comes to mind. For an array of reasons this band stands way out on the fringes, making their own sound in their own way in whatever outfit they deem appropriate for whatever message they want to convey!

Stepping out into the semi-darkened, jam-packed room that night, Snapped Ankles emerged like lost deer in a forgotten wilderness.  Filtering through the crowd, single file as they crept in, they were antler-clad and fur adorned; their masked identities stirring more than just a little curiosity as to what was about to unfold. Claiming to be “forest folk…descended from the trees“, they remain anonymous and hidden and I love that that they have done that..they are one of those bands definitely best served live! I’ve listened to their music from the safe clutches of my headphones and stereo, but actually seeing them on stage is a whole different (unique) experience… that really gets you into their realms!

Formed in East London in 2011, the band began performing at DIY nights creating live improvisations by chopping up 1960s films before sequencing and augmenting them with synthesisers.  Since then they have released half a dozen albums and an array of singles and EP’s!

Their first single, True Ecology (Shit Everywhere), is an eruptive collision of heavy guitar and flighty dance rhythms, which was originally put out on London’s Ears Have Eyes label in 2012…It was later released on their debut album, Come Play the Trees, which was released in 2017 after their signing to The Leaf label…Check it out above.

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