SONG OF THE DAY Trish Toledo – Sin Control (Instrumental) [feat. Molly Lewis]

Maybe its too obvious to suggest that today’s song would be rather perfect in a Tarantino or Morricone film, but you have to admit, it really would. This desolate serenade is built for endless horizons, lost souls and the retreat of golden sunbeams as they are chased out of town by a big old haunted moon. This song evokes dramatic endings and wistful closure and what’s more, it’s not as old as perhaps you would imagine? 

Sin Control was released earlier this year on Now-Again Records. Performed by singer-songwriter, Trish Toledo, this cinematic delight was also created with the help of Los Yesterdays and Tommy Brenneck (Budos Band/Menahan Street Band). 

Born in Carson, California, Trish Toledo is a singer-songwriter who found her interest in music and began singing at the age of 6. Being the youngest in a family with 3 siblings, she was introduced to music genres that had been around long before her time. Her style has developed around the realms of soul, 1960s and early 70s-era music.

Today’s song is her second release on Now Again and has been described as “a song as redolent of late 1960s Italian Library experimentation…”.  Recorded at Hollywood’s Sound Factory and produced by Brenneck and Los Yesterdays’ Gabe Rowland, Trish sings in Spanish on the A-side and on the flip-side, she offers up an instrumental version. Delving into the timeless themes of lost love and endless longing, this song says it all with and without vocals – which is why I’ve chosen to feature the b-side instrumental..

Check it out above. 

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