SONG OF THE DAY Julius Brockington – Forty Nine Reasons

The desire for something soft on the ears and gentle on the mind was greatly in need tonight, and today’s saving grace has done the desired trick nicely!

Forty Nine Reasons is a flute-driven slice of rather smooth and (if you like) slick soulful funk! This slice of silky sonic goodness comes courtesy of an American keyboard player, arranger and producer, Julius Brockington. Active in the 970’s-1980’s, he released two solo albums entitled, Sophisticated Funk and The United Chair. He  also played in a band called Larry Young’s Fuel and appeared on a few funk compilations as well as arranging and producing albums for Larry Hilton, Rosalyn & Charles and Benny Johnson.

Not much is known about this artist and it was tricky to find many facts about his life outside of song credits. He never really rose to major levels of fame and notoriety outside of the funk scene back in the 70s, but he has been sampled by a few rap and hip-hop artists such as Jurrasic 5 (Freedom), Blackalicious (Searching), and Madlib (Two for Pay Jay (No Dough, No Show).

Forty-Nine Reasons appeared on his 1973 album, The United Chair, which was released on US label, Today Records. I’ve not heard the whole record yet, but intend to check more out – you can definitely see why his music has been sampled so much! I’ve also included a link to the full album below for your listening pleasure! Check out today’s song above.  

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