SONG OF THE DAY Enrique Torres & Les Baxter – Cholita

hqdefaultGetting to the bottom of today’s musical mystery has left me spinning a bit today, so I’ll do my best in explaining what I can about the album from which this enchanting delight is taken.

Joyas Musicales del Perú is listed with a release date of 2021, but the collaborating artists behind this record (those being Les Baxter and Enrique Torres) go way back to the 1960’s, so I can only assume this is a reissue? I’ve also checked to see if/when the original copy of this was first issued, but have only found a 1964 LP of this title, but this doesn’t mention Les Baxter at all – and has a slightly different track list…and conflicts with a 1969 date I’ve also found associated with the record??? So, I’m a bit confused, and wondering if Les Baxter & Enrique Torres covered some of the original tracks on a record in 1969? (If anyone can shed any more light on this, I’ll be more than happy to hear from you??!!)

When I looked into the 1964 pressing of Joyas Musicales del Perú, I also discovered that this record was issued on a Peruvian label called Sono Radio. This label was founded by Argentinean musician/bandleader Enrique Lynch – who also is credited alongside his orchestra as collaborating on the original 1964 press??…but how did Les Baxter and Enrique Torres become associated/record a version of some of these songs?

Though I can’t be more specific, I am still so very happy to be sharing this absolute stunner of a track today! Cholita is graceful and sophisticated, with vocals that adorns the ears with softness and wonder. You can hear the magic of Baxter’s melodies woven into this exotic world of Latin dreaminess and if, like me, you are eager to hear more, I’ve included a copy of the whole album below! It’s percussive, animated and marked by spirited vocals! This is nothing short of a wondrous treat for the ears! Enjoy!

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