SONG OF THE DAY The Mystic Tide – Stay Away

The Mystic Tide originated from Long Island, NY, in the mid-60’s and even though they didn’t (unfortunately) receive great commercial success, their pioneering sounds didn’t go unrecognised. Credited for creating some of the first psychedelic anthems of that time, they are now highly regarded amongst followers of garage rock for their innovative musical approach!

Over their relatively brief recording career (1966-67), they issued five singles on their own labels Esquire Records and Solid Sound – all of which were written by their guitar player, Joe Docko. These 45’s were never distributed on a large scale and were mostly allocated and sold at gigs. It wasn’t until nearly two decades later, however, that their sound finally reached a greater audience when they were reissued for psych/garage collectors in the 1980’s.

The band broke up in 1967 and many years later in 1994, Docko recorded some new material which, along with three demos, the band’s five original singles and their B-sides were all put out as a CD by Distortions records. Released more than 25 years after the group had disbanded, Solid Sound/Solid Ground, was the first and only album the band ever made.

Backed with the punchy, sunshiny and guitar-howling delight that is, Why, today’s song was the band’s second single, issued in 1966 on Esquire Records. Stay Away is a haunting ballad punctuated by a swift beat and a fresh layering of fuzzy vocals. Crisp guitar melodies cut through the din with piercing effect offering bright contrast to this wistful, darkened melody. It’s a little cracker! Listen above. 

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