SONG OF THE DAY The Daily Flash – Jack of Diamonds

downloadSpecialising in electric rearrangements of contemporary folk songs (including Dylan and Dave Van Ronk), the Daily Flash were a US folk rock and psychedelic band who, formed in 1965, were active until 1968 and reformed in 2002. The band started out in Seattle, but later moved to LA and consisted of (original) members, guitarist/singer Steve Lalor, lead guitarist Doug Hastings, bass player/singer Don MacAllister and drummer Jon Keliehor.

Their sound, which fused elements of folk, rock and jazz, proved to be a contrasting force in a time where garage rock was such a dominant force in the San Francisco/Californian scene – this gave them an edge.

So, with this in mind, I am about to share a track that contradicts all that I have just written!! The Daily Flash wrote a garage rock song!!!…and it’s pretty cool!!!  Jack of Diamonds was released as the b-side to Queen Jane Approximately, a song written by Bob Dylan, which the band covered and issued on London Records’ subsidiary Parrot Records in 1966! Rocking with blistering feedback and swirling with this warm hub of melodic chaos, it’s this rawness that makes this offering so edgy and sharp!! I love how the deep bluesy harmonica embellishments entwines with the frenzied guitar, as if in a dual, fighting for prominence…both components as mighty as one another! It’s a little smasher! Check it out above.

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