SONG OF THE DAY Disco Turco – Komşunun Kızı

Arisvplak is a UK label and musician/band who has “long delved into the weirdest, most wonderful forms of psychedelia from Turkey throughout the last few decades”. One of their most recent releases is a curious album entitled Alaturca Saz Club, issued by a band called Disco Turco only three days ago.

For this record we have most certainly struck gold when it comes to the riches of the weird and wonderful! This serpentine trip into the delectable textures of Turkish folk, disco and fuzzy Anatolian funk could easily make half an hour disappear into a swirling haze of sonic bliss! Here, we are treated to ten tracks of instrumental exploration, where the enticing mystery of this sound has been masterfully composed into an unravelling journey of tradition and experimentation.

The sounds you hear on this record are influenced by “Turkish Psychedelic Folk” rhythms, Anatolian drums, wah guitars and Eastern flavoured electric-saz riffs…and what’s more, from beginning to end, all the sounds you can hear are apparently all sounds from original 1970′ and 1980’s recordings!!!
How cool is that??!!!

Alaturca Saz Cluba is definitely a recommended listen in its entirety, especially if you like opening track, Komşunun Kızı. Translating into The Neighbour’s Daughter (I believe?) this track is a perfect album opener!! It’s intriguing and exotic, marked by some very tasty percussion and sinuous melodies, which makes for a very good start point for the other nine delights to follow!

Check it out above and if you would like to listen/purchase the whole record, it’s yours for any price you deem worthy!! Find it here. 

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